Solutions4all's Team worked very hard. They are committed to doing a successful job. There were some things the developers didn't know how to do, so they put in overtime, and made it happen.
Thomas Alvord
United States (UTC-07)

Solutions4all Team has become a good friend and all the developer become brother to me in the many months we have worked together. Their skills and integrity are outstanding. They are not afraid to tackle projects that would intimidate lesser developers. They are always honest on the hours he works and only bills me for actual time.
David Cruz
United States (UTC-06)

Solutions4all Team is a great Developer team! The developers team fulfilled all my requirements! Works good and non time. If there are clarifications, they will call or email to discuss certain points. Great to work toghether with Solutions4all Team.
Ivo Wolgensinger
Switzerland (UTC+01)

Solutions4all has exceeded my expectations on developing my website. It was very easy to work with and just "gets it" the first time. Exceptionally skilled and very talented. Thanks to Yasir, the coordinator and the developr, I was able to get the website of my dreams! I am also going to be using Solutions4all on another website that is upcoming.
Kyle Pace Combs
United States (UTC-05)

It was like he was working in the next room. Great english, very skilled in most programs. Had good vision with my site, and worked VERY quickly. Still not sure how he did it so fast.
David Cruz
United States (UTC-06)

Great man! He understands everyhting and brings good solutions! Very fast and very good code!
Ivo Wolgensinger
Switzerland (UTC+01)

Great guy, easy to talk to and always gets the job done quickly!
Christopher Starrs
United States (UTC-07)

  • HNS automobile sales tracking system

  • Hospital Management Application

  • E-Commerce Application

Solutions for Call Center and mobile tracking

Our Solutions for Call Center and Mobile Tracking features are listed below:

  • All Record Calls and Store Them. You can listen the recorded call at any moment.
  • We'll queue up your outbound calls, if necessary, and make sure that each gets made.
  • Launch as many simultaneous conferences as you need and have up to 40 people in any one conference.
  • Convert Speech to text. Automatically turn audio recordings into text
  • We store and index your usage data so you don’t have to.
  • We let your app know when a call is ringing, answered, and when the caller has hung up.  


  • Sending SMS too quickly. We'll queue up your SMS, if necessary, and make sure each gets sent. We let your app know when your message is sent.
  • Twilio is connected to mobile carriers around the world so you can send SMS to users on more than 1,000 carriers.
  • We records all the call and store them also.
  • We are launch as many simultaneous conferences as you need and have up to 40 people in any single conference.